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  BreakAwake’s celebrated Omega talks delivered right to your home

The wealth of offerings on Nicole's website are my go-to source to keep me emotionally and mindfully on track in these tough times, and I regularly recommend them to others. You can't get private therapy from Nicole anymore, but I swear, accessing her resources and community feels like you are getting the benefit of a session with her, because she speaks from her heart straight to your heart, and for me she hits home every time.

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Since its memorable debut in 2019, Nicole has been singing from the rooftops about the transformative experience of her annual summer retreat at the iconic Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  Each year, people come from all over the world to learn about the brain science and mindset of TMS healing as well as to practice JournalSpeak and meditation, and uncover hidden parts of themselves within the safety and community of Nicole and her trusted cohort. 

Now, for the first time, we bring a slice of this magic right to your home. 

Join Nicole Sachs alongside Gigi Cockell, Lisa Schlosberg, and Lisa Eisenpresser, to peek behind the curtain of the Omega experience. 

What You'll Get

7 hours of talks to learn about:

  • Foundational TMS work
  • The Neuroscience behind Mindbody illness
  • How to put the theories to work in your own life
  • Nicole’s signature Inner Child methods: the essential tool for neutralizing triggers, working through past trauma, and reducing repressed emotion
  • How to affect change in your own “chronic relationships” with partners, children, and friends
Your Speakers
Nicole Sachs, LCSW
Lisa Eisenpresser
Gigi Cockell, BA (Oxon) MSc
Lisa Schlosberg, LMSW


Talk 1: The Foundational Work

In her foundational talk from the LIVE FROM OMEGA series, Nicole Sachs explores the nature of pain through her JournalSpeak practice. She provides essential insights for those doubting their pain's origin as Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), offering a comprehensive list of conditions alleviated by this method. Nicole guides attendees on adopting the right mindset, mastering JournalSpeak, and understanding that true forgiveness begins with oneself, promising a guided, transformative experience for all participants.


Talk 2: The Neuroscience of TMS

Gigi's journey into Mindbody Medicine began after traditional treatments failed to address her severe pelvic and bladder pain. Initially skeptical, she turned to this alternative approach when conventional methods proved insufficient, leading to significant personal healing. Now a chronic pain health coach, Gigi combines her scientific background and personal experience to educate others at the LIVE FROM OMEGA talk, explaining the brain science behind pain and how to reframe one’s mindset for healing.


Talk 3: Living the Work

Nicole knew immediately that Lisa "got it" when, during a talk Lisa was giving, she put up a slide that read, "You can't solve an emotional problem with a physical solution." Realizing her long-term IBS was TMS, Lisa used JournalSpeak and Nicole’s methods to overcome her symptoms. She integrates these insights into her specialty areas of weight issues and body image. Her LIVE FROM OMEGA talk not only reflects on her personal healing journey but also explores the balance between authenticity and societal expectations, providing attendees with strategies for embracing their true selves for therapeutic transformation.


Talk 4: Inner Child Work + Radical Acceptance

In her second LIVE FROM OMEGA talk, Nicole delves into her signature methods of Inner Child and Radical Acceptance work, emphasizing their transformative potential. She explains how understanding the connection between our current selves and our inner children can lead to profound changes in overcoming chronic pain and anxiety. Nicole teaches that true radical acceptance, crucial for healing, arises from embracing all facets of ourselves, which sets the foundation for continual self-reconnection through JournalSpeak.


Talk 5: The Chronic Relationships

When Nicole met Lisa Eisenpresser in early 2022, Lisa was deeply engaged in her own healing journey and quickly resonated with Nicole's approach, having been familiar with Dr. Sarno's work. Their collaboration flourished, leading to the production of a podcast and the creation of courses, significantly enhancing Lisa's well-being and allowing her to cease her migraine treatments. In their final LIVE FROM OMEGA talk, they delve into the similarities between chronic pain and relationship issues, sharing their personal journeys and the ways we can reimagine our roles in relationships. This talk explores solutions and promotes the innate power we all have to reimagine our roles in our many relationships. Meanwhile placing ourselves on the path of possibility.

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The Foundational Work, Inner Child Work + Radical Acceptance, The Chronic in Relationship

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