“This community has changed my life, empowered me, opened me to peace and a whole new outlook on life. I love this group and Nicole and Lisa so much”



Are you tired of the constant pain and anxiety you live with? Have you wondered if there’s more to life than just managing symptoms? Maybe you can live free of pain alongside other powerful humans? You’re invited to step into a world where healing is not only possible but waiting for you with open arms.


Our one-of-a-kind membership community, designed to immerse you in our life-changing MindBody work, as you walk beside people who know your pain and speak your language. Alongside Nicole, Lisa, and guest experts we bring in, you will get all the support you need to catapult your healing to the next level. For less than the price of one therapy session per month, you are surrounded by everything you need to heal. $99 USD/monthly

Join the Membership Now
 We will surround you with warm community, the fellowship you need to lean on, and the tools and guidance directly from the source. You can exhale now, we’ve got you.
This is more than just a membership; it’s a vibrant fellowship of warriors, just like you, committed to discovering the truth beneath their pain and transforming their lives.


What You’ll Receive:

•  Monthly Group Calls: Every month, join us on a 3-hour Zoom call where we delve deep. These sessions are a mix of teaching, sharing, and live Q&A, giving you direct support from Nicole, Lisa, the team and the collective wisdom of the community.  We JournalSpeak, break into groups for deep dives, and come together for discussion and more Q&A.

•  Live Q+A: Every month, Nicole joins the members for a 60-minute Live Q+A.

•  Daily Support: Our private, members-only platform is a safe space where you can share your journey, challenges, and victories. You’re not alone in this—every day, connect with peers who understand and support your path to healing.

•  Exclusive Resources: As a member, you get first access to all our latest tools and insights. From special podcast episodes to downloadable guides and exclusive video content, these resources are designed to enhance your understanding and application of the JournalSpeak method.

•  Member Discounts: Unlock special discounts on my courses, retreats, and merchandise. As part of our community, you’re not just getting information; you’re investing in a transformation supported every step of the way.

Join The BreakAwake Membership Community Now!

A Promise of Transformation

Live an active, fulfilling life again, as you are deeply seen, h eard and understood in community.

With each story shared, each session attended, and each moment of truth acknowledged, you will see changes—not just in your physical symptoms, but in how you view yourself and your life. Chronic pain brought you here, but it doesn’t define your future. 


Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW, is a dedicated speaker, writer, psychotherapist, podcaster and co-founder of Your BreakAwake and The Sarno x Sachs Solution, a TMS practitioner training and certification program. She is a leading specialist in the field of MindBody medicine and has authored The Meaning of Truth and the upcoming Mind Your Body (Penguin/Random House, February, 2025). Nicole is also on faculty at The Omega Institute of Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY. Her work, influenced by mentor and colleague, the late Dr. John Sarno, combines her personal healing journey and professional expertise to help people around the world free themselves from chronic conditions without medication or surgery.

Lisa Eisenpresser is a writer, producer, and entrepreneur, co-founder of Your BreakAwake and The Sarno x Sachs Solution. Her career began with the creation of the integrative health show, Satori, for the Microsoft Network, and she later served as President of Relativity Digital Studios. Lisa was the founder of SaysMe, a platform for personal political expression and The Story Lab, an agency arm of Dentsu Aegis. Most recently she produced the documentary film, Chasing Childhood about the teen mental health crisis. Her passion for education extends to serving on the board of Wildwood School in LA and co-chairing Brown University’s Arts Council.



  Where do membership calls take place?
Zoom! Members receive dedicated emails with meeting dates and Zoom links for the monthly calls. The calendar is set several months in advance so everyone can plan ahead.

Is there a trial period?
No, but you can cancel anytime.

What is the community like?
It is an immensely supportive and welcoming group of people who are walking the path of MindBody recovery. Alongside Nicole and Lisa, community members are surrounded by love and encouragement from other members as they navigate their wellness journey.

What if I miss a call or Q&A - is it recorded?
Yes - all Zooms are recorded and replay links are sent out within 24 hours of the live event.

Is this program right for a beginner?
Our membership combines people in the beginning of their journeys who are just learning about TMS with those who are mentors in our community… and everyone in between. Being surrounded by like-minded people is such an essential part of healing, and we all come together to keep each other going. Many members say that our twice-a-month live meetings are the highlight of their weeks.

Am I able to connect with Nicole outside of the calls?
Yes, members consistently connect with Nicole through the private membership Facebook group. The BreakAwake Membership is the best and only way to maintain a direct relationship with Nicole now that she is out of private practice and devoted entirely to bringing content, tools and community to our global community.



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