The Sarno x Sachs Solution

 The one-of-a-kind practitioner training equipping you with all the tools you need to bring TMS work into your practice and daily life.

We’re thrilled you’ve decided to amplify this transformative work by teaching those suffering with chronic conditions that a powerful alternative exists. In over 20 years of working with clients and clinicians, we’ve helped people around the world successfully heal all manner of TMS symptoms–including our own bodies. After all, there’s no cure for the human condition so none of us is immune to TMS, but every one of us has the power to live free from its chronic expression.

We believe that true, functional knowledge is best acquired across three modalities: Learning, Reflecting, and Applying. We've carefully designed this training to ensure that it integrates all three, allowing for a depth of understanding that will make this work both accessible, integrated, and actionable.

Welcome to the Sarno x Sachs Solution!

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18.75 CE credits for licensed practitioners

Christina & Nicole’s passion for helping clients comes shining through in the very first lesson of this series. The Sarno X Sachs Solution clearly hits on the key points of how to help people suffering from TMS. I have a stronger grasp on how to be a more effective clinician because of this program.  Highly recommend!



  • 8 modules of learning
  • Reading materials
  • Experiential videos from the field
  • Readings from Dr. Sarno’s “The Divided Mind”
  • Exercises involving reflection, writing, and application of principles

After completing this training, you will have a robust toolkit to engage your clients, patients and community. Allowing them to do the work to heal themselves from chronic pain, anxiety and illness. 

Is This You?


Whether you’re a mental health clinician who’ll take this course to earn CEs (18.75), a coach, teacher, alternative practitioner who wants to complement your practice, or simply a community member who wants the skills to explain TMS to your circle, this training provides a comprehensive approach to understanding, teaching, implementing, and sharing Dr. Sarno’s and Nicole Sachs’ unique MindBody work.

18.75 CE credits for licensed practitioners
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Meet the team
Lisa Eisenpresser

Lisa Eisenpresser is a writer, producer, and entrepreneur with 3 decades experience creating media and tools to empower individuals. By co-founding the Sarno x Sachs Solution, she brings Dr. Sarno’s pioneering work to modern practitioners through two deeply trusted voices.

Nicole Sachs, LCSW

Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW is a speaker, writer, psychotherapist, retreat leader, and podcaster, dedicating her life and work to the treatment of chronic pain and conditions. As co-founder of the Sarno x Sachs Solution, she seeks to help practitioners add the life-changing tool of her Mindbody work to their practice.

Christina Sarno Horner

Christina Sarno, LMHC is a psychotherapist, teacher, clinical director, supervisor, and owner of Suite 14 Psychotherapy in Brooklyn, NY. She co-founded the Sarno x Sachs Solution to honor the legacy and evolve the groundbreaking model created by her father, Dr. John Sarno.

Online access to all 8 modules, with over 32 lessons.
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The Curriculum

Module 1
Brain Science

This module explains the science behind why real physical symptoms like pain or inflammation in the nerves, organs, and muscles show up in the body. You will see how the brain and central nervous system respond to powerful emotions and trauma in order to produce these physical symptoms. You will know how to rewire the brain to allow for the relief of pain and other symptoms.

Module 2
TMS Theory

You will understand what TMS means as pioneered by Dr. John Sarno, how it manifests, and why it allows repressed emotions and stored trauma to be expressed through the body. This module dives into all aspects and vocabulary: reservoir of repressed emotions, TMS personality, prescription of knowledge, symptom imperative, and more for use in guiding others.

Module 3
Intake and Assessment

Here you will learn how to engage clients in their healing from TMS with mindset shifts, self awareness, pain history, doubt, resistance, and more. Though written for helping professionals to support clients with best practices around buy-in, safety, and data gathering, this module provides an important rubric for anyone looking to carry the message of TMS theory to those who are suffering.

Module 4
The ANSR - Allow, Name, Stay, Release

In this module, we will discuss the optimal mindset to heal. Now that you understand the brain science, TMS theory, and proper techniques to assess and guide others through this work, it’s time to live in the solution. You will learn the components of the ANSR as the key to TMS recovery and how to guide others through each step.

Module 5

Here we address the importance of creating a space to express deeply held unconscious feelings and experiences as an essential component of healing. You will be able to describe what it means for clients to Allow their unwanted or “unacceptable” emotions to emerge and to guide them in replacing fear with curiosity. We will look at four of the most common TMS traits and their impact on repressing powerful emotions. And you will develop the skill to partner in helping others permit, acknowledge, and accept their unconscious feelings.

Module 6

This module provides a deep dive into Nicole’s highly successful tool, JournalSpeak, a targeted expressive writing technique for excavating our repressed emotional world and allowing pain signals to stop firing. This step of “Naming” is essential in TMS recovery. When we name the things in our lives that previously bubbled under the surface in our unconscious minds, we lower the reservoir that is triggering the symptoms to flare in the first place. Using the strategies in this module, you will hone your own JournalSpeak practice and be armed with a comprehensive toolkit to guide others.

Module 7

After the hard work of Allowing and Naming, many people feel frustrated they haven’t “finished” their journey and completely “fixed” their pain. In this module, the step of Staying will be explored to build newer, stronger, neural pathways that prevent the brain from signaling for chronic symptoms. Learning to tolerate and inhabit the present moment pairs previously threatening stimuli with feelings of safety and security, signaling to the brain and nervous system that we are safe. This module will also enable you to identify common behaviors, thought patterns, and defenses used to resist the process of Staying, from doubt to impatience, from excuses to addictive behaviors.

Module 8

You will learn how to apply every module thus far to bring ourselves to Release, the natural consequence of Allowing, Naming, and Staying and the “ANSR” to the chronic pain conundrum. Chronic pain is an epidemic of fear, and its symptoms are the result. In this module, we will bring all the steps together to demonstrate their natural consequence - the freedom that Release delivers. You will learn how to guide others to understanding that healing is not linear and the theories of MindBody medicine are vetted, time tested, and proven. We will look at concepts like Ascension Theory, “wearing it loosely,” and releasing the urgency to be well, in order to allow your body to relax into healing.


Online access to all 8 modules, with over 32 lessons.

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  How long do I have access to the materials?
You have a full year from the time of purchase to complete the training.

Who is this course designed for?
This course was conceived for practitioners to bring these powerful tools into their practice, but it’s designed to be uniquely accessible and engaging to anyone seeking the skills to explain TMS to their community.

What are the prerequisites for this course?
There are no prerequisites for taking this course.

How long does the course take to complete?
The Sarno x Sachs Solution is designed to be experienced at one’s own pace. There are eight modules, each devoted to a different subject area. We have heard of people completing it over the course of a week, but you can also take your time, dive into the suggested reading, and complete a module each week or even more slowly if you choose. We look forward to hearing what’s worked best for you.

What materials will I need to participate in the course?
The Divided Mind by: Dr. John Sarno
The Meaning of Truth by: Nicole Sachs, LCSW

 We’ve also provided links to further suggested readings and to Nicole’s podcasts.

Can I interact with the team during the course?
Stay tuned for offerings to sign up for live, virtual, additional supervision with Nicole and Christina.

What is the refund policy?
This training is delivered digitally and therefore cannot be returned.



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